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Co-development session 2022

Co-development is a methodology of collective intelligence. It is a development approach for professionals in which participants learn from each other and consolidate their practice. The brainstorming realized, individually and with the group, is favored by a structured exercise of consultation in relation to the issues experienced by the group members.
Robert from SessionLab

Your Leadership Coat of Arms

Leadership Coat of Arms - cover image.png

In this leadership development activity, participants are asked to draw their own coat of arms symbolising the most important elements of their leadership philosophy. The coat of arms drawings are then debriefed and discussed together with the group.

After the exercise you may prepare a coat of arms gallery, exhibiting the leadership approach and philosophy of group members

Andy Pearson

Circle, Square, Triangle


At the end of a workshop, it's important to reflect on the things you've learnt, the things you still need to work on and how the things you've learnt in the workshop will help you improve. This activity encourages post-session reflection, and is suitable to be run remotely.