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Reflection: Individual

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Individual reflection helps to pick apart complex experiences so that the successes of the experience can be repeated and the failures can be avoided in the future. The format is flexible, taking you through key stages of the reflection process, and ending with key action points.

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Dynamic Facilitation


Dynamic Facilitation (DF) is a methodology, rather than a method, for small groups of up to 25 participants.

It allows each participant to productively reflect on the complexity inherent to a given situation. In this approach the facilitator engages the participants' thinking and reflection in its entirety. New ideas, perspectives and approaches emerge in a non linear process beyond what can be planned or predicted. The issue evolves over time.

DF works on the assumption of our natural ability to see cross-links, to use our intuition and to be creative. It is demanding from the facilitator to create and hold the space for emergence throughout the process, to continually welcome divergent perspectives, allow new problem statements to evolve and group convergence to emerge over time.