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Gap Analysis

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Determine gap between the present situation and a desired future state



To have participants determine the differences between the present situation and a desired future state in order to focus problem-solving on the gaps. 





    1. Identify the desired future state and describe it. Capture on flipchart.

    2. Describe the present state and capture on flipchart.

    Post present and future state descriptions on the wall with a space between them.

    3. Brainstorm the gaps between the "present" and the "future"

    4. Post on the wall between the descriptions of present and future.

    5. Have small groups problem-solve how to deal with the gaps.

    6. Share in large group.


    Follow-Up Required: the plan needs to be operationalized.


    Derived from: Bens, Ingrid: Facilitating with Ease, Participative Dynamics, 1997, p. 167

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    • Classic tool for clarifying what has to be done.

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