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Are you passionate about facilitation and workshop design? Do you love SessionLab and want to promote it to others? Join the SessionLab affiliate program to help spread the benefits of better workshop design and earn 25% recurring commission for every account you sign up!

We know a lot of you out there love SessionLab and promote us to your fellow facilitators and peers. Now, you can earn money for helping others design better workshops.

What's more, you don't just earn when they first become a customer. You earn throughout the time they stay with SessionLab. That's 25% recurring commission for every Pro user and Team you help bring to SessionLab!
How it works

1. Sign up

Want to help others design better workshops and make money while doing so? You’re in the right place!

You don’t need affiliate marketing experience to promote SessionLab and we’ll help you every step of the way!

Anyone can be a promoter of SessionLab, but here are some of the things you’ll need to be a successful promoter of SessionLab:

2. Share SessionLab with your audience

Promoting SessionLab to your audience is as simple as sharing the affiliate links we provide! You can promote us on Social Media, on your website or blog, or at events or training courses. 

To help you be successful, we provide tools and resources to make the most out of your promotions and earn as much commission as possible!

3. Earn

As a SessionLab affiliate, you get 25% recurring commission for every customer you send to us. Not only do you get paid when they sign up, but you get paid again every time they renew. Bonus!


An affiliate program is where affiliates share and promote a product on behalf of a company. When someone becomes a paying customer as a result of a referral, the affiliate responsible receives a commission.

In our case, you get paid 25% commission when you promote SessionLab using our affiliate links and they become a paying customer. What’s more, you also get a recurring commission every time a customer renews their account.

You earn 25% recurring commission on every customer account, every time they renew their account. For example, if you refer a single five-seat team on a monthly plan, you’ll earn $17.50 every month they renew.

Refer a customer to an annual plan and earn 25% of that annual fee instantly – that’s $39 on an annual pro account or $180 for a five-seat team choosing an annual plan!

Cookie life is how long an affiliate link click will be attributed to a paying customer. For example, our cookie life duration is for 60 days. This means if someone clicks on a SessionLab affiliate link hosted on your blog and they become a paying customer within 60 days, you’ll receive a commission for that sale.

Some affiliate programs have cookie lives that last just a few days or weeks. We think 60 days is a fair way to ensure you get the commission for the accounts you helped bring on board.

At the end of every month, so long as you’ve made $20 or more in commission for the previous month.

For example, if you made $100 in commission in April, that amount will be paid out at the end of May. If you make $15 in March and $15 again in April, you’ll be paid at the end of May.

Through PayPal or Bank transfer – whichever is best for you! 

Our mission
We're passionate about effective workshop design and the power of facilitation. We want to help more people design and lead great workshops, engage participants and save time in the planning process.

We also want to help freelance facilitators and facilitation professionals support themselves and be rewarded for promoting SessionLab. We're looking for people who are equally passionate about facilitation and love SessionLab as much as we do to help us reach more people and improve the world of workshop design!
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