SessionLab features

Help you create, share and organize your workshop or training content

Find the right block of content for your session

Search among hundreds of quality exercises that you can filter by suggested number of participants, duration and topics. Once you have found the exercise that fits, you can easily add it to your session plan.

Search in SessionLab library

Easily create and adapt your session plans

With our Training Planner you simply drag & drop your blocks where you want them.
Think of it as a spreadsheet combined with sticky notes – only better.

Drag and drop learning blocks in SessionLab

Effortlessly maintain your timings

However often your session plan evolves – you can add new blocks, delete or rearrange – SessionLab will maintain your timings.

Keep timing of your session

Keep a balance of activities in your session plan

Colour-coded categories help you to get a quick overview of the interaction mix of the session. You can customise both the category labels and their colours to fit your style.

Color-coded learning blocks

Work on multiple plans simultaneously

Whether you need to get inspiration from a previous session plan or work on a workshop that spans over multiple days, Multi Plan view is here to help. You can view several plans in parallel and rearrange the content between them.

Work on multiple session plans

Share your plans and get instant comments

Share your session plan with clients and colleagues to get input and feedback about individual elements. Easily follow and facilitate the dialogue.

Comment and collaborate on learning blocks

Always stay up-to-date with what happened

An activity indicator marks your session if it has been edited by your colleagues while you were away. Never miss a detail if your work was modified.

Activity indicator - see when last changes happened

Collaborate in real-time

Work with your colleague at the same time and see who is working on which block of the session. The activity log lets you know what happened while you were away.

Real-time collaboration

Have your documents where you need them

You can attach your training presentation, exercise handouts, evaluation forms or any other document easily to the right content block. Upload them directly from your computer or your favourite cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Attach documents from the cloud or your computer

Get your content organised

Session blocks help you manage relevant content. Exercise descriptions, attached materials and comments travel with the training blocks when you move or reuse them.

Get your content organized

Easily create beautiful looking printouts

SessionLab facilitates one-click printing of your session plan. And there is no messing about with formatting; the print version will exactly mirror your on-screen plan.

Beautiful printouts of your session plans

“It’s awesome! The best schedule designer I have ever seen!”

Krisztian Stancz, Senior Learning Specialist, Vodafone

Reuse content effortlessly

Search among your session blocks to seamlessly re-use existing materials and adapt it to your new plan.

Nominate co-trainers

Distribute the session plan between yourself and your co-facilitators. Share an overview of who delivers which part.

Easily iterate new versions

Duplicate or copy any of your own – or shared – session plans to create a new version.

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