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SessionLab is the simple way to plan more effective workshops

When I discovered SessionLab it was one of those moments where I thought: finally somebody has taken the effort to create a solution for this! To conceptualize and schedule a workshop is made so simple, I can now just focus on co-creating the future with my participants.
Chris Doering
Chris Doering
Research Fellow, Fraunhofer

The easiest way to design and adapt your sessions

No more complicated, hard to update spreadsheets. Save time and effort designing your workshops and meetings so you can focus on what's important.

Easily create and update your sessions

Plan and design any group process with ease. 

With our Session Planner, simply drag & drop your blocks where you want them.

Color code your activities and customize your agenda to your needs.

Think of it as a spreadsheet combined with sticky notes… only better!

Stay organized and effortlessly update your session timings

However often your session plan evolves SessionLab will automatically adjust your timings.  Add new blocks, delete or rearrange in real-time with a single click.

No more complex formulas or manually adjusting timings as your plan changes.

Easily reorder the blocks of your session using drag and drop
Design Sprint 2.0 cover image

Get started quickly with a template

Reuse or adapt high-quality workshop templates from facilitation experts.

Find inspiration, follow instructions from an expert facilitator or adjust the template to your needs!

Whether you’re looking for remote-friendly workshops or team development sessions, we have you covered.

The biggest value in SessionLab is that by automatically changing the times of my programme, it saves me a lot of time and effort. This leaves me more time and energy to think through my overall process and programme, ultimately letting me do what my clients really pay me to do.
SessionLab is used by Meet The Brain
Marinda Hall
Facilitator at Meet The Brain

Wow your clients and deliver more effective sessions

Deliver professional materials to clients and participants. Easily make changes to your plan mid-session and collaborate with co-facilitators without the fuss.

Create beautiful looking printouts without the fuss

One-click printing of your session to easily sharing with clients and participants.

Create a simple or detailed view of your session and include facilitator notes if you need them!

No messing about with formatting: the print version will exactly mirror your on-screen plan.

New Print presets in SessionLab
Collaborate on your plan with comments and real-time editing

Share your plans and collaborate in realtime

Impress your clients with simple, effective collaboration and beautiful agendas.  

Stay in control by giving editor or viewer access to your session, and create customisable PDF and Word exports with one-click.

Create and collaborate in real-time, share comments and see any changes made while you were away in the activity log.

Everything where you need it

You can easily attach instructions, materials, presentations, handouts, evaluation forms, links or any other documents to your session.

Upload directly from your computer or your favorite cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

No more hunting for links and printouts – facilitate with confidence by keeping all your materials in one place.

Track list of required materials and attach document to your session blocks
I know every program agenda is using our consistent toolkit and it looks good when it gets sent! No messing around with ugly tables, spreadsheets you can't read, or bad copy/paste jobs! I love SessionLab!
Amy Posey
Amy Posey
CEO, PeakTeams

Optimize your workflow and improve your process

Remove the busywork so you can focus on building better workshops and improve your facilitation process.

Easily iterate and reuse content

Duplicate or copy any of your session plans to create a new version.

Reuse content effortlessly. Search among your session blocks to seamlessly re-use existing materials and adapt them to your new plan.

Add your favourite methods to your personal library for future use and take the pain out of the running similar sessions.

Compare session plans and copy/move elements between them

Advanced features to match your ambitions

Create and organize complex sessions with ease.

Work on multiple plans simultaneously or design sessions spanning multiple days with Multi Plan View.

Use parallel tracks to manage breakout sessions and organize your participants. 

If you can imagine a workshop, you can build it in SessionLab.

Find proven facilitation methods for any session

Find the right activities for your session using the library and drag them into your session.

Enrich your toolbox with new methods from the facilitation community. 

Browse by purpose or tag to choose the right activity for your session from a library of 800+ total methods!

virtual-scavenger-hunt #project planning  #action  #explore and understand  #hyperisland 

This can be used as a virtual substitute for the initial part of a workshop.

team-remote-working-charters #meeting facilitation  #action 

This effective technique can be used at any meeting to make discussions more structured and efficient. By using simple hand gestures, participants can express different opinions and desires.

We can rapidly reuse elements from previous sessions to create new agendas. Coupled with the fact that SessionLab gives us a central library of immersive activities that I can reuse in my sessions, it’s potentially a 60% time savings for the preparation of similar session formats.
Tracey Benettolo
Tracey Benettolo
Senior Manager, Deloitte Greenhouse
Tired of using Word or Excel to design your sessions? Join 70,000+ facilitators using SessionLab to design more effective meetings and workshops!

SessionLab for Teams

A collaborative workspace to help your team stay aligned, organized and share resources easily.

Keep your team aligned and organized with a group workspace

A shared workspace for easy collaboration, sharing and workshop management.

Keep your team organized and take the pain out of sharing, reusing and co-creating agendas. 

Create and improve with your team in real-time, share comments and see any changes made while you were away in the activity log.


Easily share, print and export your session plans
SessionLab library

Organize your reusable resources with a Private team library

Great teams learn from one another and share best practices.

Share private templates and methods with your team for easy distribution and management of resources!

Adjust resources to your needs and keep your personalized versions for later use.

Robust security and admin controls

Simple, powerful security keeps your workshop assets safe and accessible.

Easy to adjust team members and admin privileges for your account.

Share specific sessions with external collaborators and update editing rights as you choose. 

SessionLab is an excellent collaborative tool for managing the knowledge you create, for creating rough prototypes and detailed plans, and for designing elegant agendas. It is one of the tools I cannot do without!
Julia Goga Cooke
Julia Goga-Cooke
Chief Creative Officer at Gconsultancy

Make your workshops more productive and
save time on design and planning.