Design multi-day 
sessions with ease

Add additional days to your agenda with one click to quickly build your multi-day session.
Drag, drop and duplicate content between days. Overview your entire multi-day program 
in one screen and create beautiful printouts to support your event.

Multi-day design made simple

Design multi-day events and training programs without the headache. Add extra days to your agenda with one click. Duplicate a day to save time building out your agenda.

Running an ongoing program? Add a date to each day to stay organized. Drag, drop and reorder blocks to quickly create even the most complicated programs and events.


Overview your whole program with ease

Overview your entire multi-day session in one screen. Review your complete program and make informed changes with ease.

Drag and drop content between days. Adjust timing and reorder your blocks for an effective flow across the whole session. Take the pain out of adjusting a complex program and get organized quickly.


Multi-day printouts

Support your event or program with a beautiful printout of your entire multi-day agenda. Share a simple overview with clients and participants to give them a sense of the entire multi-day event.

Export detailed printouts with instructions and materials with your facilitation team to ensure everyone is aligned and prepared.

Stay in control of timing

Stay in control of timing across your program by locking in anything with a set-time. Lock each day’s start time, end time and lunch break and immediately see how much time you have available for each section.

When you make changes, SessionLab automatically calculates each day’s schedule and updates your agenda timing. No more manual time calculations.


Co-facilitate with confidence

SessionLab is designed to help your event run smoothly. Assign roles, materials and instructions to blocks so everyone is organized. Use the automatic time tracker to keep track of time during event delivery.

Need to add extra time or change your plans in the moment? Adjust your agenda in real-time and your entire facilitation team will see the changes and stay aligned.

Collaborative event design

Invite your co-facilitators and clients to co-create your agenda in real-time.
No more sending documents back and forth.

Assign collaborators to specific blocks and days. Leave notes, comments and track changes to stay aligned and design efficiently as a team. Get client buy-in and unleash your creativity in a powerful agenda planner made for collaboration.

An amazing tool that has completely transformed the way I can both prepare and keep records of my workshops
Erica Marx
Online Events Producer & Facilitator
It's the only tool that makes it easy to manage blocks of time/activities when planning and producing an event.
Fredrik Matheson
UX Lead at Bekk Consulting AS

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