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Easily collaborate with subject matter experts and organize training materials in one place.

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SessionLab is the one place where everyone can find all the storyboards we designed within the school. The day SessionLab came into my work life I was so happy because it felt so structured. It really helps with efficiency and time saving.
Luisa Gaioni
Senior Learning Designer at Vlerick Business School

See how SessionLab works for learning designers like you

1. Quickly plan your curriculum

Drag and drop content blocks to quickly create and adjust your learning flow. Set the timing of each activity and instantly see the duration of your training module.

With SessionLab, it’s easy to design and update an engaging curriculum that meets your training needs. No more getting lost in complicated Word docs.  

2. Easily overview your entire training program

Use the session overview to see your entire program in one-screen. Move content between training modules with ease. Colour-code your activities to create a balanced, engaging learning flow.

Make informed decisions about your learning design and stay organized with a simple, visual editor.


3. Collaborate with SMEs and trainers with ease

Invite subject matter experts to collaborate on your curriculum, async or in real-time. Leave comments and notes to stay aligned. Tag your content team to attach supporting materials to your training blocks

When you’re done, share the SessionLab agenda with your developers for implementation or your trainers for delivery. 

We can rapidly reuse elements from previous sessions to create new agendas. It’s potentially a 60% time saving for the preparation of similar session formats.​
Tracey Benettolo
Tracey Benettolo​
Senior Manager, Deloitte Greenhouse​
To conceptualize and a session is made so simple, I can now just focus on co-creating the future with my participants.
Chris Doering
Chris Doering
Research Fellow, Fraunhofer

4. Design engaging training programs with color coding

Keep your learning objectives in mind by color coding each training activity. Create custom categories to match your process.

Instantly see the balance of activities in your training session and make informed design decisions.

5. Update your course materials quickly

Drag, drop and reorder your blocks to adjust your learning flow in seconds. As you make changes, your training timing updates automatically. No more messy spreadsheets.

Whether you’re designing eLearning or instructor-led training, it’s easy to collaboratively iterate and update your learning program with confidence.

6. Keep all your learning programs in one place

Create a knowledge base of your best training content to ensure quality and consistency across your entire L&D department. 

Save time by creating templates and reusing your best activities. Ensure best practices are followed, easily transfer knowledge and never lose a training agenda again.

7. Share your course, your way

Moving your training content to an LMS? Invite your team directly to your session or export your material to clipboard, Word, Powerpoint or PDF.

Delivering materials for a face-to-face training program? Easily create a beautiful, customized printout. Whatever your process, SessionLab has an option that supports your workflow.


8. Delivery effective instructor-led training session

Create a run sheet with clear instructions and timings to make your training design easy to follow and deliver. 

Use time-tracker to help trainers stay on time while delivering live sessions. With SessionLab, you can be confident that your team will deliver the learning experience you designed, every time.

SessionLab has transformed my folders of disparate notes, decks and agendas into tidy, repeatable gems. Everything is modularized, connected and all in one place. Whether I’m designing, rehearsing or presenting, I never want to be without SessionLab.​
SessionLab is used by facilitators
Kirsten Wheeler
Facilitator at Meet The Brain

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The biggest value in SessionLab is that by automatically changing the times of my programme, it saves me a lot of time and effort. This leaves me more time and energy to think through my overall process and programme, ultimately letting me do what my clients really pay me to do.
SessionLab is used by Meet The Brain
Marinda Hall
Facilitator at Meet The Brain

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