Design impactful workshops with ease

Save time designing engaging workshops. Collaborate with stakeholders and co-create innovation in your org without extra busy-work. 

Drag, drop and reorder blocks to quickly build your agenda. Review your design with a simple, visual overview and streamline your workflow.

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We are able to turn around agendas to clients in minutes, not hours or days! Our consistency has improved greatly - I know every program agenda is using our consistent toolkit and it looks good when it gets sent! I love SessionLab!
Amy Posey
Amy Posey
CEO, Peak Teams
I’ve been designing and leading sessions for over twenty years, and it’s how I earn my living. SessionLab is a dream product — they’ve anticipated all my needs.
SessionLab is used by facilitators
Kristen Wheeler
Facilitator at Meet The Brain

How SessionLab can help you save time and effort
throughout your workshop design process

Quickly structure your workshop

Go from brief to completed agenda with ease. Drag, drop and reorder blocks to visually design your workshop in a snap. 

Start with a high-level plan and then add details to each block. Save time on busy-work so you can focus on fulfilling stakeholder goals. 

Calculate timing automatically

SessionLab automatically calculates your timing as you design. Instantly see how different flows effect your duration and plan accordingly.

Set a start and end time and adjust activity length to keep your workshop on-time. Focus on process design, not on adjusting a complex spreadsheet. 

Adjust planner time

Easily overview your session flow

Use the session overview to see a simple, visual breakdown of your agenda. Make informed decisions about your design and see gaps instantly. 

Use colour-coding to easily see the balance between activity types and ensure nothing is missing. Create an engaging flow and iterate with confidence. 

Collaborate with co-facilitators

Ready for feedback? Invite your co-facilitators to co-create your session, async on in real-time.

Assign colleagues to specific blocks and streamline your workflow by collaborating in one place. Add comments, notes and checklists to stay aligned and organized while you iterate. 

Real time collaboration

Simplify the sign-off process

When your first draft is done, share your agenda with stakeholders or internal clients to get sign-off on your design. 

Provide the right level of detail for each stakeholder and optimize your approval process. Share a simple online or PDF overview so your client doesn’t get bogged down in the details.

Iterate on your agenda quickly

After listening to stakeholder feedback, it’s time to update your session. Refine your session quickly by dragging and dropping your content. 

Add checklists and goals to your session for an effective workflow. Whatever you change, your timing will stay accurate and calculate automatically.

Share professional materials

Share your completed agenda with stakeholders in an easy-to-understand format. Export your agenda to Word, PDF or share online. 

Create beautiful, customizable printouts that support your process and make it easy deliver an effective and impactful workshop.

Create a reusable knowledge base

Save time and effort by reusing and adapting your best workshops and activities. 

Ensure high standards and consistency across your organization with approved templates and methods. Streamline your workflow and keep all of your materials and agendas in one place.

Support your facilitation process

Add instructions, materials and activity timing to each agenda item to support your process. Use time-tracker to stay on track and keep time.

Need to change something in the moment? Update your agenda and instantly see how that effects your session flow and overall duration.

The biggest value in SessionLab is that by automatically changing the times of my programme, it saves me a lot of time and effort. This leaves me more time and energy to think through my overall process and programme, ultimately letting me do what my clients really pay me to do.
SessionLab is used by Meet The Brain
Marinda Hall
Facilitator at Meet The Brain

Find the perfect facilitation technique
for your workshop

Browse among hundreds of expert-reviewed facilitation methods to choose the right ones for your session.


Get started with a complete workshop template


Ideation Workshop

from Board of Innovation


Design Sprint 2.0

from Jake Knapp


Workshop Planning Template 

from Deborah Rim Moiso

When I discovered SessionLab it was one of those moments where I thought: finally somebody has taken the effort to create a solution for this!
To conceptualize and schedule a workshop is made so simple, I can now just focus on co-creating the future with my participants.
Chris Doering
Chris Doering
Research Fellow, Fraunhofer

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