Build better agendas, together​

Collaboratively create agendas in real-time. Invite colleagues and clients with ease. Leave comments, notes and track activity to stay aligned. Keep your entire agenda design process in one place — no more sending documents back and forth.

Co-create an agenda in real time​

Invite your collaborators to co-create your agenda in real-time. See where everyone is working for an efficient collaborative workflow. Add goals, instructions and assign collaborators to specific blocks to keep everyone aligned.

As you and your colleagues make changes, SessionLab calculates your timing automatically. No more manual calculations or misalignment.


Editor and viewing rights, 

Give access rights to your collaborators on a per-person basis to stay in control of your agenda. Invite editors to help co-create your agenda. Invite viewers to get their comments, sign-off and second opinions. Create a visitor link to share with a client who doesn’t want to log-in.

Whoever you’re working with, SessionLab makes it easy to collaborate and reach your goals.

Easily iterate with comments and notes

Ready to get feedback? Invite collaborators to leave comments on individual blocks or your entire agenda. Get instant notifications and keep your entire agenda workflow in one space. No need to send new versions of the agenda back and forth.

Leave notes and add checklists. Check the activity log to see what changes were made. Get client sign-off and easily stay organized as you refine and improve your agenda with SessionLab.

Wow stakeholders with beautiful printouts​

Share your completed agenda with stakeholders in an easy-to-understand format. Customize for your needs and choose a format that works for you — Word, PDF or online.

Show your clients exactly how you’ll achieve their goals with a visual breakdown of your session. Get your facilitation team aligned and organized with a step-by-step overview in a beautiful, customizable format.


Stay organized with a team workspace

Streamline your process and keep your team organized with a dedicated workspace. Invite members and control editing rights.

Easily manage multiple clients and projects. Share agenda designs, activities and templates to ensure consistency and quality across your team.

Keep a record of every workshop and activity your team has ever made in one place — ready to reuse, refine and share with collaborators and clients.


Find and reuse your best content with a team library​

Everything your team makes in SessionLab is reusable and adaptable. Keep all your workshop and training knowledge in one place. Rolling out a company training program? Save time and effort by reusing and adapting your sessions for each team.

Want to share knowledge and your best workshop designs? Use, curate and manage company approved methods and proven agenda designs across your organization.


Co-facilitate with confidence​

When you’re ready to run your session, your SessionLab agenda is your team’s source of truth. 
Assign individual collaborators to blocks so they know what activities they’re leading. 
Attach materials and instructions so everyone is organized.
Print a simple visual overview for participants and a detailed script for your facilitation team to help your session run smoothly. Need to change your plans in the moment? Adjust your agenda in real-time and your entire facilitation team will see the changes and stay aligned.

An amazing tool that has completely transformed the way I can both prepare and keep records of my workshops
Erica Marx
Online Events Producer & Facilitator
It's the only tool that makes it easy to manage blocks of time/activities when planning and producing an event.
Fredrik Matheson
UX Lead at Bekk Consulting AS

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