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Collaborate on your plan with comments and real-time editing

Collaborative workshop design made easy

Invite your team or external collaborators to plan your innovation or strategy workshop, and work in real time just like in front of the big whiteboard. Easily iterate the agenda and discuss anything via comments.

We knew we found the right platform at the moment we could see the same screen, move things around, discuss and create new agendas together. We discovered that the interface helped to organize our thoughts and it made very comfortable working remotely together.
Fernando Murray
Fernando Murray Loureiro
Co-Founder, Group Process Designer & Facilitator, Aprendix

Flexibility in designing and adjusting your session plan

A bespoke workshop planner tool that supports you from the blank canvas to a fully-developed workshop plan. An easy-to-use drag-and-drop agenda builder makes incorporating changes in your plans and timings smooth and seamless.

Easily reorder the blocks of your session using drag and drop
When I discovered SessionLab, it was one of those moments where I thought, “Finally somebody has taken the effort to create a solution for this!” To conceptualize and schedule a workshop is made so simple, I can now just focus on co-creating the future with my participants.
Chris Doering
Chris Doering
Research Fellow, Fraunhofer Institute
Track list of required materials and attach document to your session blocks

One-stop place for all your workshop information

SessionLab allows you to keep everything related to your workshop preparations at the same place. Materials, images, videos, attached presentations – you can relate each of them to specific blocks of your workshop.

I’ve been designing and leading sessions for over twenty years, and it’s how I earn my living. SessionLab is a dream product — they’ve anticipated all my needs. SessionLab has transformed my folders of disparate notes, decks and agendas into tidy, repeatable gems with everything modularized, connected and all in one place. Whether I’m designing, rehearsing or presenting, I never want to be without SessionLab.
SessionLab is used by facilitators
Kristen Wheeler
Creator, Native Genius Lab

Library of 700+ facilitation methods

Browse among hundreds of expert reviewed workshop activities and complete workshop templates to choose the right one for your innovation or strategy workshop.

Mash-Up Innovation #innovation  #idea generation  #hyperisland 

Mash-ups is a collaborative idea generation method in which participants come up with innovative concepts by combining different elements together. In a first step, participants brainstorm around different areas, such as technologies, human needs, and existing services. In a second step, they rapidly combine elements from those areas to create new, fun and innovative concepts. Mash-ups demonstrates how fast and easy it can be to come up with innovative ideas.

Break up/Love letter #design  #create  #know user  #explore and understand 

Instead of directly asking people what they like or don’t like about a particular brand, product or service, this method gives insight into their perceptions by eliciting feelings based on real-life experiences and interactions through writing a love or breakup letter.

To be used in the ideation and user exploration phase.

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