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Make your leadership development and soft skills training sessions outstanding with effective process design

SessionLab planner - workshop planning made simple
Join thousands of trainers and instructional designers using SessionLab for designing high-impact training sessions.
Easily reorder the blocks of your session using drag and drop

Intuitive training design tool

SessionLab gets you covered with the Session Planner, a tool that works perfectly for planning a bespoke training session. Save your focus and energy for the design process. No more messing with spreadsheets!

  • Drag-and-drop agenda builder
  • Automated time calculation
  • Color-coded overview of training modules
The biggest benefit I get from SessionLab is that it helps me to think through the design of my sessions more efficiently.
Marianne Vincent
Marianne Vincent
Director, People Potential

Find and reuse modules from other sessions

Any module you create in a SessionLab agenda becomes searchable and reusable with all its attachments and comments. You can also search among hundreds of quality exercises from our training and facilitation library. Once you have found an exercise that fits, easily drag it to your session plan.

  • Find and reuse previously created modules
  • Library of training and facilitation methods
  • Compare and review training plans
Compare session plans and copy/move elements between them
We can rapidly reuse elements from previous sessions to create new agendas. Coupled with the fact that SessionLab gives us a central library of immersive activities that I can reuse in my sessions, it’s potentially a 60% time savings for the preparation of similar session formats.
Tracey Benettolo
Tracey Benettolo
Senior Manager, Deloitte Greenhouse
Collaborate on your plan with comments and real-time editing

Collaboration made easy

You and your colleagues can work on the same session at the same time, always having access to the freshest version. An activity log lets you know what has changed while you were away.

  • Sharing with different access rights
  • Real-time co-editing
  • Commenting and notifications
  • Change history
Since we have a remote trainer team, it was difficult to discuss agendas in virtual meetings. I also was frustrated with always having to calculate timeframes. It was difficult to change agendas onsite and plan time schedules. SessionLab changed it for the better.
Martin Haussmann​
Martin Haussmann
Executive Director, bikablo akademie

Library of 500+ facilitation methods

Browse among hundreds of expert reviewed facilitation and instructional design methods to choose the right ones for your training or leadership development session.

  • Select your favorite methods
  • Create your own private library
  • Easily use the methods in your session plans

Novice or Expert? #train-the-trainer  #learning styles  #skills  #thiagi 

Trainers have difficulty imagining how people feel when they are forced to learn through their weak learning styles. This activity enables them to experience the frustrations of working though a weak learning style—and the positive feelings of using their strong learning styles.

One - Two - Four Dialogue #review  #explore and understand  #structured dialogue 

This is a structured discussion activity for exploring a topic by answering questions in three different set-ups: individually, in pairs and in teams. 

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