A fast, effective way to design eLearning storyboards

Drag, drop and reorder blocks to quickly structure your storyboard.
Easily collaborate with subject matter experts in one place.
Save time and design a balanced learning flow with color-coded slides. 

SessionLab elearning storyboard illustration
SessionLab is the one place where everyone can find all the storyboards we designed within the school. The day SessionLab came into my work life I was so happy because it felt so structured. It really helps with efficiency and time saving.
Luisa Gaioni
Senior Learning Designer at Vlerick Business School

Quickly create effective storyboards

Drag, drop and reorder blocks to quickly structure your storyboard. Customize blocks to include voiceover, on-screen text, animations and more.

Add text highlighting and colours to easily overview storyboard elements. Layout the framework for your entire course quickly and effectively.

A storyboard slide in SessionLab.

Design engaging learning flows with color coding

Keep your learning objectives in mind by color coding each slide of your storyboard. Create custom categories to match your process.

Instantly see the balance of activities in your course and make informed design decisions.

Simple collaboration with
subject matter experts

Assign SMEs to specific learning blocks for fast, efficient collaboration. Leave comments, tag collaborators and collect materials in one place.

Easily manage your SME workflow with checklists and save development time by optimizing your process.

We are able to turn around agendas to clients in minutes, not hours or days! I know every program agenda is using our consistent toolkit and it looks good when it gets sent! I love SessionLab!
Amy Posey
Amy Posey
CEO, Peak Teams
We can rapidly reuse elements from previous sessions to create new agendas. It’s potentially a 60% time saving for the preparation of similar session formats.​
Tracey Benettolo
Tracey Benettolo​
Senior Manager, Deloitte Greenhouse​

Easily update and refine your storyboards

Drag, drop and reorder your blocks to adjust your storyboard in seconds. No more manually reformatting messy Word documents.

Work with stakeholders, SMEs or developers asynchronously or in real-time. Create a single source of truth that automatically updates for all collaborators as you make changes. 

Updating an elearning storyboard in SessionLab.

Overview your course in an easy-to-follow format

Create and share storyboards in an easy-to-follow, visual format. Easily guide stakeholders through your storyboard and get quick approval.

Add notes and comments to make it easy for developers to understand and implement your course design. 

Create templates and reuse your best storyboards

Save development time by reusing your best storyboard designs. Create custom templates for any eLearning format and adjust them to your needs.

Ensure best practices are followed, easily transfer knowledge and never lose a storyboard or course design again.

SessionLab has transformed my folders of disparate notes, decks and agendas into tidy, repeatable gems. Everything is modularized, connected and all in one place. Whether I’m designing, rehearsing or presenting, I never want to be without SessionLab.​
SessionLab is used by facilitators
Kirsten Wheeler
Facilitator at Meet The Brain

Manage complex eLearning programs with ease

Use the session overview to see your entire elearning storyboard in one-screen. Move content between learning modules with ease.

See version history and organize all of your learning content in one-place before passing it to your implementation team.

A course overview in SessionLab.

Organize learning content
in one-place

Attach learning content from subject matter experts to specific blocks. Documents, images, videos, links to quizzes, simulations and more. 

Support your process and save time by managing your content in one place. No more losing training materials in Google Docs or emails.

Create a library of your best learning content

Have great eLearning activities you use over and over again? Save time by adding your favourite activities to your personal or team library and reuse them in future sessions.

Add tags to curate your methods and quickly find the right activity for any storyboard or course.

The software helps our colleagues save time designing the right process. SessionLab helps us prepare sessions on a better level which directly leads to achieving business goals faster.
Verena Köppel
Verena Köppel
Transformation Expert, Haufe

Find the perfect activity
for your training program

Browse among hundreds of expert-reviewed training exercises to choose the right ones for your session.


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