Share knowledge in a Team Library

Build a library of your best activities and add them to an agenda with ease. Make any agenda a template. Create a knowledge base of your best methods and agendas, ready to reuse, adapt and share with your team.

Create a library of your best content

Have great methods you use over and over again? Save time by adding your favourite blocks to your personal or team library and reuse them in future sessions.

Add tags to curate your methods and quickly find the right activity for any session. Invite your team to add their best activities to a shared library and supercharge your collective design process.


Reuse and adapt your sessions

Save time and effort by reusing and adapting your agendas. Duplicate an agenda and start making adjustments with one-click. Keep your agendas organized by adding tags, dates and client details.

Move items to the parking lot while you refine. As you make changes to the agenda, your timing with automatically update, keeping you on track.


Make any agenda a template

Quickly turn your best agendas into templates that your entire team can access and use. Make it easy for managers and trainers to lead company approved sessions.

Streamline agenda planning across your organization with a repository of approved workshop and meeting templates. Ensure consistency and quality across all teams and projects.

Organize and share knowledge with your team

Keep all your workshop and training knowledge in one place. Invite your team to a workspace to collaborate and share knowledge with ease.

Rolling out a company innovation program? Invite the stakeholders to approve the agenda and then make it a template for easy facilitation.

Create, curate and organize your agendas and workshop activities — all in one space.


Create company approved agendas

Creating a training session to be run across the organization? Add detailed instructions, checklists, attachments and notes to the agenda so every trainer can run the session the way it needs to be run.

Need to iterate or give sign-off on a team agenda? Leave comments or work together in real-time. Get instant notifications and keep your entire agenda workflow in one space. No need to send new versions of the agenda back and forth.


1000+ facilitation methods at your fingertips

Browse among hundreds of expert-reviewed facilitation methods to choose the right ones for your session.


Get started quickly with expert templates


Ideation Workshop

from Board of Innovation


Design Sprint 2.0

from Jake Knapp


Workshop Planning Template 

from Deborah Rim Moiso

An amazing tool that has completely transformed the way I can both prepare and keep records of my workshops
Erica Marx
Online Events Producer & Facilitator
It's the only tool that makes it easy to manage blocks of time/activities when planning and producing an event.
Fredrik Matheson
UX Lead at Bekk Consulting AS

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