Stay on time with Time Tracker

Keep track of timing while delivering your session. Quickly see how your overall run-time compares to your schedule. See how long you have left in each activity and make changes as you go. Facilitate with confidence and stay on track during your session.

Keep track of time

Start tracking time while running your session with one click. See exactly where you are in your overall agenda and how long you have left for each activity.

Wondering whether it’s time to start closing a group discussion or if you have time for another topic? Time Tracker will show how you’re performing against your allocated time and help you stay on schedule.


Manual or automatic

Choose how you’d like to track time. Use the automatic timer to simply track timing for your whole session. When you reach the end of your allocated time for an activity, the automatic timer will move onto the next block.

Prefer more control? Use the manual timer so that you’ll only progress onto the next block when you’re ready.


Make changes, stay organized

With Time Tracker, quickly see how your run time compares to your schedule. See whether you’re over or under time and make changes accordingly.

Adjust block timing or add activities to instantly see how it affects your run-time. Did a group discussion overrun? See how much time you need to make up and make informed decisions with Time Tracker.

Stay in sync with your co-facilitators

Staying in sync with your collaborators is vital for delivering a smooth workshop experience. With Time Tracker, all co-facilitators can see the schedule unfold in real-time and use it to inform the process.

Need to make adjustments in the moment? All collaborators will see changes instantly so you can stay aligned and on track.


Compare your actual session 
to what you planned

Many workshops and meetings change in the moment. With Time Tracker, you can keep both your original and delivered agenda.

Compare how much time you planned with how much time you actually used. See how long every agenda item took and where things changed.
Leave notes, comments and checklists for later reflection so you can improve your facilitation process and create more effective agendas.


An amazing tool that has completely transformed the way I can both prepare and keep records of my workshops
Erica Marx
Online Events Producer & Facilitator
It's the only tool that makes it easy to manage blocks of time/activities when planning and producing an event.
Fredrik Matheson
UX Lead at Bekk Consulting AS

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