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We knew we found the right platform at the moment we could see the same screen, move things around, discuss and create new agendas together. We discovered that the interface helped to organize our thoughts and it made very comfortable working remotely together.
Fernando Murray
Fernando Murray Loureiro
Co-Founder, Group Process Designer & Facilitator, Aprendix

Collection of 150+ remote friendly facilitation methods

Browse among dozens of expert-reviewed remote-friendly facilitation methods to choose the right ones for your session from a library of 800+ total methods!

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This can be used as a virtual substitute for the initial part of a workshop.

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This effective technique can be used at any meeting to make discussions more structured and efficient. By using simple hand gestures, participants can express different opinions and desires.

When I discovered SessionLab it was one of those moments where I thought: finally somebody has taken the effort to create a solution for this! To conceptualize and schedule a workshop is made so simple, I can now just focus on co-creating the future with my participants.
Chris Doering
Chris Doering
Research Fellow, Fraunhofer
Easily reorder the blocks of your session using drag and drop

Flexibility in planning your online meeting agenda

Design a meeting process the intuitive way. Our agenda planner helps you focus on bringing together the right process while making sure your timing is correct.

The biggest value in SessionLab is that by automatically changing the times of my programme, it saves me a lot of time and effort. This leaves me more time and energy to think through my overall process and programme, ultimately letting me do what my clients really pay me to do.
SessionLab is used by Meet The Brain
Marinda Hall
Facilitator at Meet The Brain

Seamless collaboration for remote teams and co-facilitators

Coordinate your session planning process with our collaborative agenda planner. Bring the power and flexibility of sticky notes in a virtual environment. SessionLab is super easy to use for everyone on your team.

Collaborate on your plan with comments and real-time editing
The software helps our colleagues save time in designing sessions, and the biggest value is that it makes us really thoroughly prepare for the workshop and design the right process for that. SessionLab helps us prepare meetings and workshops on a better level which, directly leads to achieving business goals faster.
Verena Köppel
Verena Köppel
Transformation Expert, Haufe

Professional communication with your clients

Impress your clients when you involve them in the design process or share the final agenda. Stay in control by giving editor or viewer access to your session plan, and simply create customisable PDF and Word exports.

Easily share, print and export your session plans
I know every program agenda is using our consistent toolkit and it looks good when it gets sent! No messing around with ugly tables, spreadsheets you can't read, or bad copy/paste jobs! I love SessionLab!
Amy Posey
Amy Posey
CEO, PeakTeams

Remote workshop and meeting templates

Remote Problem Solving

A problem-solving workshop designed from the ground up for remote teams and those working online. Facilitate a group through a collaborative process remotely and generate quick, effective solutions!

Remote Retrospective

The remote retrospective workshop is a great way to debrief an online team after a period of work has been completed. This could be anything from considering the impact of a long-term project or the results of a short workshop.

20+ workshop templates

Looking for inspiration for your next session but don't know where to start? Check out our collection of templates ranging from team building meetings and ideation sessions all the way to design sprints!

Online workshop and remote facilitation guides

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