Save time with an easy-to-use agenda planner

Drag, drop and reorder your blocks to create a full agenda in minutes.
Calculate your session timing automatically. Lock in start and end times, add instructions 
and attachments to blocks to stay organized and in control. 

Drag & drop agenda builder

Drag, drop and reorder blocks to design your workshop agenda in minutes. Start with a general outline, then add details and instructions to flesh out your session.

Quickly iterate and try content variations by rearranging blocks. Set a duration for each activity. SessionLab makes it easy to go from a vague idea to a structured, perfectly-timed session.

Calculate timing automatically

SessionLab automatically calculates your schedule and updates your timing as you create your agenda. No more manual time calculations or wondering if you got the timing formula right.

Keep track of your total session time and see exactly how much time you have left while designing. Add activities and make changes to your timing and see how it affects your overall agenda instantly.


Lock times, stay in control

Stay in control of time by locking in anything with a set-time. Lock your session start time, end time and lunch break and immediately see how much time you have available for each section.

As you add activities, easily identify any overlaps and see where you need to adjust or cut content. SessionLab makes it easy to factor time constraints into your agenda design.

Complex agendas made simple​

Running an event or training program? Add extra days to your agenda with a single click. Overview your entire event in one screen before zooming into a specific day or block.

Easily set-up breakout rooms and assign co-facilitators to specific blocks for a smooth workshop flow. Open multiple sessions in parallel and move content between them with ease.

Collaborative agenda planning ​

Invite your co-facilitators and clients to co-create your agenda in real-time.
No more sending documents back and forth.

Assign collaborators to specific blocks.
Stay in control with editor and viewer controls. Leave notes, comments and track changes to stay aligned and design efficiently as a team.

Simple overview

Use the session overview to see a simple, easy-to-understand view of your entire agenda. Easily show clients how you’ll achieve their goals. Quickly see the timing of your entire agenda in one screen. 

Add colour categorisation to your blocks to visualize your learning flow and see where you need to make changes. However simple or complex your agenda, the overview helps you stay organized and in control.

Session logistics, all in one place

Be fully prepared for your session by adding all the information you need to your agenda. Include a client name, start and end time and date to easily sort and filter your agendas.

Add your session goal, location, collaborators and key links to the session info tab to stay organized. Include notes and checklists to support your process and keep everything you need in one place.

Easily organize materials and links

Attach materials, attachments and links to your blocks so you have everything you need to facilitate with confidence. Get a quick overview of all your materials to prepare for your upcoming session.

Whether it’s printouts, worksheets or links to online breakouts or whiteboards, SessionLab helps you facilitate with confidence and stay organized during a session.

Export planner

Share your agenda, your way

Share your perfectly-timed agenda in a format that works for you. Export to Word, PDF or invite to view your agenda online.

Quickly customize your printout and choose how much information is present on each export. Easily create beautiful printouts and make a great impression on clients and participants.

Adapt and reuse your sessions

Save time and effort by reusing and adapting your best agendas. Add your favourite blocks to your personal library and reuse them in future sessions. 

Working with a team? Share templates and activities in a team library to ensure consistency across all your workshops and projects. Design, iterate and optimize your agendas — all in one space.

AI-assisted activity creation

Need activity inspiration in a pinch? Looking for that perfect icebreaker? Use SessionLab’s AI-assisted block creation tool to quickly add new workshop activities to your agenda.

Start by describing the goal and the context of the activity you need and the AI-assistant will suggest an activity designed to achieve that goal, with step-by-step detailed instructions included.

Flexible and customizable​

Customize your agenda to your needs with our flexible planning tools. Use categories and sections to organize your content and create an easy-to-follow agenda. Add details, facilitation notes or instructions to each block to support your process.

Want to add a script in one column and links to your Powerpoint presentation in the next? Go for it. Prefer simple prompts to help you facilitate and a place for all your links and materials. Whatever works for you. SessionLab is designed to support your design process and help you create an agenda that best serves your needs.

An amazing tool that has completely transformed the way I can both prepare and keep records of my workshops
Erica Marx
Online Events Producer & Facilitator
It's the only tool that makes it easy to manage blocks of time/activities when planning and producing an event.
Fredrik Matheson
UX Lead at Bekk Consulting AS

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