Elearning Storyboard Template

In this elearning storyboard template, you’ll find an example of a storyboard used in a real-world client project for an online course.

Explore how to structure an elearning storyboard, collect content and categorize your materials in this example of an online course storyboard.

Created by James Smart – SessionLab


When should you use this elearning storyboard template?

When I first started out designing online courses, I was missing an example of what a completed elearning storyboard looked like. What did I need to include? How might I make it easy for an elearning developer to implement the materials I’d designed? 

Here, you’ll find an elearning storyboard example I designed for a client. It includes the first module of an online course called How to Write Weird! which was a creative writing course designed for 13-17 year olds. 

You’ll find all the blocks for the first module with course content, instructions and materials included. I hope it helps provide some inspiration when developing your own elearning storyboard or online course!

You’ll also find some blank block formats you might use to develop your next storyboard. Feel free to reuse any of the materials provided and adjust the storyboard format to your needs. 

Prefer a more traditional instructional design storyboard? Check out our instructional design storyboard templates for a collection of four basic formats for storyboarding. 

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Who is it for?

This template was created to help inspire instructional designers with a real-life example of a storyboard for an online course. 

In my experience, every instructional designer (and project) has a slightly adjusted storyboard format or style. I hope this helps provide a practical example of how you might do this, while also leaving scope for you to inject your own instructional design approach!

Check out the complete storyboard example which includes a step-by-step storyboard with course content, technical instructions, images and more

About the author

James Smart

James Smart is Head of Content at SessionLab. He’s facilitated workshops and designed elearning experiences for places including the University of East Anglia and the National Centre for Writing. 

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