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Conflict Responses

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A workshop for a team to reflect on past conflicts, and use them to generate guidelines for effective conflict handling. The workshop uses the Thomas-Killman model of conflict responses to frame a reflective discussion. Use it to open up a discussion around conflict with a team.

Nick Heap

Team of Two

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Much of the business of an organisation takes place between pairs of people. These interactions can be positive and developing or frustrating and destructive. You can improve them using simple methods, providing people are willing to listen to each other.

"Team of two" will work between secretaries and managers, managers and directors, consultants and clients or engineers working on a job together. It will even work between life partners.

Liberating Structures

Making Space with TRIZ

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You can clear space for innovation by helping a group let go of what it knows (but rarely admits) limits its success and by inviting creative destruction. TRIZ makes it possible to challenge sacred cows safely and encourages heretical thinking. The question “What must we stop doing to make progress on our deepest purpose?” induces seriously fun yet very courageous conversations. Since laughter often erupts, issues that are otherwise taboo get a chance to be aired and confronted. With creative destruction come opportunities for renewal as local action and innovation rush in to fill the vacuum. Whoosh!

Stakeholder's View


Studenten ervaren hoe het is om met stakeholders in dialoog te gaan wanneer er conflicterende belangen zijn. Door het perspectief van verschillende stakeholders aan te nemen verdiepen ze zich in de uiteenlopende posities. Voorbereidend op het gesprek leren studenten de motieven van verschillende stakeholders te analyseren en te begrijpen hoe je het best kan reageren op verschillende reacties.