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Tools and techniques for effective meeting facilitation.
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Gamestorming methods

7Ps Framework

Every meeting deserves a plan. Note that a great plan can’t guarantee a great outcome, but it will help lay down the fundamentals from which you can adapt. Sketch out these fundamentals by using the 7Ps framework.

Gamestorming methods

SWOT analysis

The SWOT Analysis is a long-standing technique of looking at what we have, with respect to the desired end state, as well as what we could improve on. It gives us an opportunity to gauge approaching opportunities and dangers, and assess the seriousness of the conditions that affect our future. When we understand those conditions, we can influence what comes next.

Thiagi Group

Meeting Management

This textra game incorporates these important facts:

It is easier to compare two different items at a time than to compare a larger number of items.

When we compare two items, we understand them at a deeper level.

Gamestorming methods

Spectrum Mapping

Spectrum mapping is designed to reveal the diversity of perspectives and options around any given topic and to organize them into a meaningful spectrum. It’s valuable because it unearths information that plays a role in attitudes and behaviours that otherwise may not be visible.

Gamestorming methods

Who Do

Who do you want to do what? Almost any endeavor of substantial impact requires seeking help from others. Developing a WHO + DO list is a simple way to scope out the undertaking.

Gamestorming methods

Show and Tell

Show and Tell taps into the power of metaphors to reveal players’ underlying assumptions and associations around a topic

The aim of the game is to get a deeper understanding of stakeholders’ perspectives on anything—a new project, an organizational restructuring, a shift in the company’s vision or team dynamic.