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Who do you want to do what? Almost any endeavor of substantial impact requires seeking help from others. Developing a WHO + DO list is a simple way to scope out the undertaking.



To define who is responsible for what





    1. Start with the vision. Write out or visualize the big goal.

    2. Draw a two-column matrix and write “WHO” on the left and “DO” on the right.

    3. Ask: Who is involved in making this happen? Who is the decision maker? Who has needed resources? Who may be an obstacle? Whose support is needed? These individuals or groups are your list of WHOs.

    4. The DOs are often harder. For each WHO, ask: What do they need to do, or do differently? What actions will build toward the big goal? Sharpen each WHO in the list until you have a desired and measurable action for each.

    5. Given all of the possible WHOs and DOs, which are the most important? Who comes first?


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