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Hybrid Friendly Workshop Activities

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Deborah Rim Moiso

Paired walk

Inviting a paired walk is surprisingly effective in its simplicity. Going for a walk together increases trust and can help prepare the terrain for conflict resolution, while acting as an energizer at the same time. Make it hybrid-friendly by pairing a person in the room to one joining online!

Deborah Rim Moiso

Hybrid checkpoint

Punctuate any hybrid event with moments in which participants joining remotely and in-person briefly get together to discuss their experiences at the gathering.

Tech tasks

Send all the people participating in person a link to join the online call.

Tech host create as many breakout rooms as the number of attendees in the smallest cohort, pairing each with one or, if necessary, two, participants from the other group.

Deborah Rim Moiso

Polling in hybrids

Most prioritization and polling processes require participants to either be in the same room (e.g. dot voting) or on the same whiteboard if online. Here is your cheat sheet on how to adapt those to hybrid environments! Tech tasks

Collect all available options on a virtual whiteboard

Number the options

Create a poll on a tool that is easy to use from phones (e.g. Mentimeter) and share the link

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