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Hybrid scavenger hunt

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15 - 30 Medium

Form hybrid groups combining in-person and remote participants and leverage the different possibilities of the different settings in a fun scavenger hunt.



Get people familiar with the challenges and unique opportunities of working in a hybrid setting, while having fun! 




    Preparation - Prepare a list of items that includes (1) materials that can be found online, such as videos, GIFs, information and (2) materials that can be found (with some effort!) in the location(s) physical participants are in. This can be purely for fun, or have a connection with the topic of the specific organization or event.

    An example for a  youth conference on environmental topics could include
    • GIFs of three of your climate heroes;
    • a canteen/reusable flask;
    • climate-related songs;
    • as many green items as you can cram together in the same picture... 

    Set-up - Provide in-person attendees with the link to the online call, which they can connect to on personal devices, either one per person or in a huddle around a screen. Give everyone the list of items (show a digital copy to all, and provide printed copies for those who are in-person). Create a breakout room per each mixed group.

    Challenge - To create a whiteboard collage of all the found items: the online cohort can copy-paste, the in-person group must take pictures of their items and upload them. 

    Debrief - You can play this game at different levels, purely for some quick ice-breaking fun, or going deeper into questions around hybrid collaboration and effective team-work. The team that has most items collected wins, or the one with the best collage (a chance to test out dot voting!) How did it feel to be working together, for the same goal, but in different settings?   


    This is an adaptation for hybrids of the Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

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