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Hybrid checkpoint

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Punctuate any hybrid event with moments in which participants joining remotely and in-person briefly get together to discuss their experiences at the gathering.



Supporting cohesion and alignment in hybrid events




    Setup - Explain to all participants they are going to be paired up for a "hybrid checkpoint" for about 10 minutes, with the aim of sharing experiences with one another.
    Invite all the people participating in person to join the online call (the easiest way to do this is to have a group chat for the event and send the link there). The tech host creates as many breakout rooms as the number of attendees in the smallest group, pairing each with one or, if necessary, two, participants from the other group.

    Invitation -  Invite people to share around a generic question such as "what is your experience of this event so far?" or "what are your insights/learnings so far?"

    Debrief - Collect insights on a shared whiteboard.

    Repeat - every few hours when you have different sessions for in-person and remote participants running in parallel. 

    Using this method in a session

    See how we used hybrid checkpoints to punctuate a community gathering in this template

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    • Oh wow thanks so much for your reply! That really helps me to envision how it could work. This is such a brilliant template. Thanks again, Anne

      10 months ago
    • HI Anne! I guess if you are in a very noisy/small environment that is a possibility, but when I've used this method people in-person were connected with their mobile phones or laptops from different parts of a large space + outdoors so everyone could talk. The groups were in breakout rooms in the online space and were using both video and audio to communicate, not just the chat. Indeed having space for small conversations that do not overlap is one of the main technical challenges with hybrids! Hope that answers your question!

      10 months ago
    • I’m not sure how this works logistically between in-person and virtual participants. Are they using only the chat?

      10 months ago