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The Brick Team Exercise

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This exercise can be used as a warm-up for project and other planning processes. It can also be used in team building.



This is a team building exercise and can be used as a part of project management preparation exercises.





    Setting: Each team will need a place to work.

    Pre-Work Required: The masking tape is cut into 25 cm (10 inch) strips.



    1. You have to build a structure using index cards, masking tape, and wooden sticks.

    2. This structure must be able to support "unaided" a brick (facilitator will provide details). The heights of the structure must be at least 25 centimeters (10 Inches). The brick must be placed at the top of the structure.

    3. This structure must be built at the lowest possible costs and the material can only be bought from the facilitator.

    4. No other material can be used.

    5. You have 20 minutes to build your structure. No "rewards" will be given if a team completes the structure in less time. A time penalty of 1.000 euros will be incurred for every minute taken beyond 20 minutes.

    6. No team will be able to test their structure with the brick until all teams have finished.

    7. The team building a structure that meets the specifications at the lowest cost wins.


    Ask the team about what they learned about:

    • Team collaboration
    • Decision making
    • Conflict 
    • What might they do differently the next time?


    Follow-Up Required: None


    Source: Isabelle Guetta

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