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Unique Thing in Common

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With a partner, find the 3 most unlikely / unusual / unique things you have in common with each other.  Each pair chooses one to share with the group. 



build connection & trust

get to know someone


Before putting people into paired breakout rooms, instruct them to find as many things as possible and then keep deciding which of those are the most unique.   Choosing things you like, have done, hobbies, pet peeves, quirks, etc. can help people avoid obvious, visible things (e.g. both have curly hair).  The goal is to come up with the most surprising things (e.g. "we both spent the first three years of our lives in Miami").  

Having a shared goal can help push people into curiosity about the other person and asking focused questions.  

Tip: Give them six minutes in their breakout rooms, and broadcast a message with one minute to go to tell them that they have one minute to decide on one thing to share with the group.  When everyone comes back, have each pair share the most unique thing they found in common.

Note: Using random breakout room assignments can be fun, because if the two people know each other well, this will get them to know each other even better.  If two people don't know each other well, it gets them interacting with one another and learning about each other.  Or it can make sense to pair people manually with someone they don't usually work with.  


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