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Take a Picture of Your Shoes

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Get to know the other members of your team and share something interesting about yourself in this quick energiser activity.



At the end of this ice breaker activity, the members of your team should know a little more about the people they work with, and feel more connected as a team.




    This activity is best for videoconferences, but it can also work on voice only calls if everyone has access to a screen.

    Ask the members of your team to take a picture of their current footwear and upload or share it with your team. This could be done prior to the meeting or during - however you prefer! 

    Then, ask each team member to discuss their choice of footwear, and to discuss the "story" behind their choice.

    For example, one person might be wearing running shoes – and this might lead to a discussion about their fitness interests. One may be wearing fluffy slippers which were a Christmas present from their children, another may be in flip-flops, high-heels or sneakers and so-on.

    You can vary this exercise by asking team members to take a picture of an object on their desks, and asking them to talk about it.

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    • Used this as a team builder over WhatsApp in between monthly meetings with our international team members in Costa Rica, Guatemala, U.S., India, Vietnam, and Ghana. It was simple and all team members quickly responded.

      12 months ago