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Strengths Workshop Activities

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Tobias Weghorn

The strengths I see in you: team appreciation

Facilitate a team conversation about personal strengths:

  • Ask participants to pick from a set of strength card, e.g. one strength each for everyone in the group (or more for small groups)

  • People take turns to “give” a strength to another team member, share how/when they have seen the strength in the other person and say thank you

  • Everyone will end up with a set of strengths provided by other team members and feel belonging and appreciation

Olivia Carere

Roses, Buds and Thorns

Roses, buds, and thorns is a quick and simple team exercise that can be performed at the start of a group meeting. The idea is to evaluate a project, team task, or even your day by having each team member come up with a Rose (positive highlight), Thorn (struggle or challenge), and Bud (opportunity for improvement). The goal of this activity is to open up discussion among team members and acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of others. This can allow you to put measures in place to do more of what's going well, and fix what needs fixing. As well, this activity inspires creativity and debate within teams. Discussing Buds can encourage new, creative ideas to come to the fore. Finally, the activity allows you to gain insight from all members of the team as communication and honesty are important for every group!

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