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Thiagi Group

Bus Trip

This is one of my favourite feedback games. I use Bus Trip at the end of a training session or a meeting, and I use it all the time. The game creates a massive amount of energy with lots of smiles, laughs, and sometimes even a teardrop or two.
Hyper Island

Appreciation Train

This exercise is useful for bringing groups together, to create interpersonal bonds, and to build trust. Participants stand opposite each other and have 30 seconds to give appreciative feedback to the other person. The group rotates until everyone has given feedback to everyone else. It is often used as part of wrap-up activities, to create an energized feeling to leave with.

Tobias Weghorn

The strengths I see in you: team appreciation

Facilitate a team conversation about personal strengths:

  • Ask participants to pick from a set of strength card, e.g. one strength each for everyone in the group (or more for small groups)

  • People take turns to “give” a strength to another team member, share how/when they have seen the strength in the other person and say thank you

  • Everyone will end up with a set of strengths provided by other team members and feel belonging and appreciation

Hyper Island

Appreciative Inquiry: Root Causes of Success

What made success possible? In less than one hour, a group of any size can generate the list of conditions that are essential for its success. You can liberate spontaneous momentum and insights for positive change from within the organization as “hidden” success stories are revealed. Positive movement is sparked by the search for what works now and by uncovering the root causes that make success possible.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is based on the organization’s positive core strengths in order to find insights and untapped chances that have to ability to exponentially increase performance. 

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