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The strengths I see in you: team appreciation

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Facilitate a team conversation about personal strengths:

  • Ask participants to pick from a set of strength card, e.g. one strength each for everyone in the group (or more for small groups)

  • People take turns to “give” a strength to another team member, share how/when they have seen the strength in the other person and say thank you

  • Everyone will end up with a set of strengths provided by other team members and feel belonging and appreciation



  • Spark appreciation and feedback between team members.
  • Help a team/group to become aware of their strengths.
  • Foster team cohesion & a sense of belonging.




    When to use it: This activity can be part of a larger team development / retreat or only a short icebreaker in a team retrospective. It usually achieves a great sense of appreciation within the team or can also spark feedback conversations. 

    Prepare beforehand:

    • Have a set of (virtual) strengths cards at hand, either self-made or from If you work online, create strength cards on your whiteboard or simply use the browser app

    • If you work with a larger group of participants, form sub-groups of approx. 3-5 (depending on the time you have; bigger sub-groups will take more time). You will need one deck of cards (or session link) per sub-group.

    How to facilitate:

    1. Spread the strength cards in front of your participants.

    2. Ask everyone to reflect on their collaboration with the other participants. What strengths can they observe in everyone else?

    3. Invite everyone to pick one strength card each (or 2-3, if you have more time, for everyone else in their (sub-)group. Everyone keeps the chosen cards to themselves.

    4. Now the (sub-)group takes turns sharing the cards they have picked: Participant A gives the strength card they have picked for B to B and shares, when / how they see the strength playing out in B. Next, B gives a card to C and shares, then C to A, etc.

    Result / follow up

    At the end of the exercise, every participant will have heard from everyone else in the (sub-)group and everyone will have a set of strength cards in front of them. Most likely, everyone will feel a sense of appreciation, warmth and belonging to the team.

    As a follow up, you could 

    • ask follow up questions, e.g. where they are going to apply the strenghs
    • invite people to take the cards with them, as reminders.

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