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Complementary Pose

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One player makes a pose and the other person makes complementary pose



Supporting your partner


From Ted's blog
A super-simple exercise, but an important one as a lead-in to many other games like I Am a Tree or Build a Machine. One person, anyone, starts in the middle of a group circle and strikes a pose, any pose. A second person comes into the middle to take and hold a complementary pose. They could match the person in the middle, mirror them, or create a mini-story snapshot with the addition—again, anything’s valid. The first person then says “Thank you” to the second and someone new comes in to offer a complementary pose to the one left behind. Person #2 then says “Thank you” to person #3 and the game continues on from there.

Insider Tips:

Make sure the “Thank you” stays sincere and warm-hearted rather than sarcastic or dismissive.

Encourage folks to follow their impulses here—poses need not be funny, clever, cute, or original. Be average. They can even step into the circle before they even know what they’re going to do, letting their momentum of commitment lead them to the complementary pose they eventually take.


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