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Hyper Island

Coach Yourself out of a Funk in 3 Steps

Things can get tough sometimes, it will happen, we are human. Life is full of contrast, good/bad, light/dark, happy/sad, with/without - so we need some processes/tools/methods for facilitating ourselves to a better place. Also, when things are on the up & up, it’s still useful to curate your own toolbox to build up yourself and to support others.

Hyper Island

5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique

They say “A Calm Mind is an Effective Mind” and with a calmer mind, you can better explore those challenges in life with calmness and centered awareness.

Constant change, learning new things, and uncertainty are a few of the situations that can cause even the calmest people to feel some stress.

This 5-step exercise can support people in stressful times by helping them to get grounded in the present moment when your focus is distracted by unhelpful thoughts.

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