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Gamestorming methods

Scenario Slider

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After coming up with great ideas, the next challenge is figuring out the best way to make them happen. This exercise is one of many types of “scenario” games which can be used to test ideas and try out different approaches to bring them to life.

Gamestorming methods


This game has been designed to help prioritize different ideas or items in a quick and energetic way without getting stuck in endless discussions and avoiding any kind of influencing. It is similar to 20-20 game as it will compare items in pairs.

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Delphi Method

A classic method for creating a decision, using distributed and anonymous input.

The Delphi Method can be used as a part of Action Planning, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Product Development, Project Planning, Strategic Planning, and System Design. It can be used in conflicts, with groups deciding too quickly, in situations where there disagreements and where there is little group participation.