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This game has been designed to help prioritize different ideas or items in a quick and energetic way without getting stuck in endless discussions and avoiding any kind of influencing. It is similar to 20-20 game as it will compare items in pairs.



To prioritize tasks




    Organize or facilitate another game to generate items that require prioritization.


    1. Ask all attendees to put the items at hand in the middle of the group of people, one by one and shortly explaining the item at hand.
    2. When all items are in the middle of the group let each one of the attendees select their “Top”, “Most Important” item out of the pile and do this one person at the time. If their top item is gone then they could take their second, third… option out of the list, purpose it that everybody has 1 card at hand. (With a small group let them take 2).
    3. Now instruct the people to mingle amongst each other and find a partner in order to form pairs. Shortly discuss how to spread 7 points amongst the 2 items at hand with the 2 of them and add those points on the back of the card.
    4. Let the people take each other's card and find another partner for a second round of weighting cards with each other.
    5. Do this 5 times (5 times 7 = 35)!
    6. Summarize all different weights to a single figure and sort the highest number on top and so on…


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