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Level of Influence

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This is a simple method to prioritize actions as part of an action planning workshop, after a list of actions has been generated.



This is a way of prioritizing action items, projects or campaign using the level of influence the team has to do implementation




    Pre-Work Required: A list of actions has been generated. These can be simple actions to complex strategies



    This session we are going to look at how much influence we as a group have directly on the actions we are proposing.

    1. We will rank them from 1 to 10 in terms of influence. One is zero influence and 10 it total influence.

    List the ideas on a flipchart or whiteboard.

    2. Walk through each item and ask the group, "What level of influence do we have?"

    3. Continue until all items are ranked.

    4. List all the items from 10 to 1 on the board.

    5. We want to decide which of the items on which we have influence we want to work on.

    6. Ask the group, We have total influence on 10 and 0 no influence what so ever. At what levels of influence do we want to put our energies into?"

    7. Select a level say, 6 or 7. Review the items in levels 10 - 6 and ask, "Are these the items we want to work on?


    Move to an action planning process.


    Follow-Up Required: Action Planning

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: A list of activities that have been selected from 1 - 10 in the level of influence the participants have over the implementation of the actions.


    Derived from: unknown

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    • A simple step which allows a group to focus on the tasks they can have influence on.

      4 years ago