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Evaluation by Values

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This is a convergence method used in a workshop.



This procedure allows groups to evaluate a limited number of ideas against a range of criteria/values. They then can select the best of the ideas.





    Setting: The room needs a wall or white board where the matrix can be set up

    Types of participants: normal

    Time needed: 3 - 6 min. depending on the number of ideas and values

    Ideal conditions: A limited number of values and ideas say from 3 to 10 would be acceptable.

    Pre-Work Required: the ideas have to be generated

    Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: Standard

    Facilitator personality fit: any

    Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): Facilitation skills required


    1. Decide on the values/criteria  you are going to use.
    2. Create a form on the white board, spread sheet using a projector or on flipchart paper.
    3. Walk through the values and come to agreement about how they will be measured.
    4. Going through one idea at a time ask, "Does this idea meet this value/criteria?" If the answer is yes then mark the intersection of the value and the idea. In the chart above the checks indicate that they do meet the criteria.
    5. Note: There are two ways of weighting these. The question can be, "Does this idea meet the value a little, somewhat or a great deal?" Also the values can be weighted. For example value A can have a weight of 3 and value B have a weight of 2 etc.
    6. Count to see what the total is. In the weighted version the weights are included in the count.
    7. Discuss to confirm that the results of the evaluation are correct.

    See the file for the form


    Follow-Up Required: process the selected idea

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: one idea will be selected as the best.

    Potential pitfalls: If the values or criteria are not easily measured or discerned there can be unnecessary disagreement.

    How success is evaluated: A selected idea and knowing why it was selected


    Derived from: unknown

    History of Development: unknown

    Alternative names: Value Matrix

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