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Looking Around

Here's another jolt that explores one of our favorite themes: You have to unlearn something old in order to learn something new. A nice thing about this brief activity is that you don't need any supplies or equipment.

MediaLAB Amsterdam

Lotus blossom

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The lotus blossom method is a creativity exercise. It is a framework for idea generation, starting from one central theme. Eight conceptual themes grow out from the main theme and each of them are used as central theme to generate 8 more themes. Explore!

MediaLAB Amsterdam

Morphological chart

Morphological chart cover image.PNG

A Morphological chart is a method that splits a product/solution into smaller chunks that can then be analyzed and ideated for independently. Afterwards those ideas can be mixed and matched to develop different solutions.

To be used after having a clear overview of the design problem and at the beginning of the ideation phase.

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