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Brain writing

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Brainwriting is essentially the same as brainstorming. Ideas are generated by asking people to write them down instead of verbally presenting them.



Develop ideas with a team that doesn’t feel comfortable with either drawing or presenting. Some people don’t feel comfortable 
with drawing or presenting, this might hinder their idea generation.



  1. Recruit a team that will be part of the brainwriting session.
  2. Arrange a space and materials needed for the session.
  3. As a moderator, organize the participants and define the problem.
  4. Each participant brainstorms 3 solutions in 2 minutes in written form.
  5. After 2 minutes, ask participants to pass the sheet to the left, the sheets circulate.
  6. The participants build upon the existing suggestions writing their own idea underneath the previous one.
  7. Repeat as many times as there are people.


In each new round allow one extra minute. Good for group interaction.


Many solutions to the problem, co-produced by a team.


Filter the ideas with the most potential and develop them.


Source: Digital Society School


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VANGUNDY, Arthur B. Brain writing for new product ideas: an alternative to brainstorming. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 1984, 1.2: 67-74.

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