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Story Template

The story template is a method to help in the exploration or research phase of a project. It is especially useful during shorter processes such as a design sprint or a design jam. It can serve as a substitute for interviews if time/ context does not allow for it and it helps the workshop participants to create data connected to real experiences in their lives.

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Conversation Capture

Observing the lives of others is not only an essential element of how we define our own identities, it can also be a great spark for creativity. This activity was inspired by a blog post by Russell Davies.

This specific activity is perfect both for honing your listening and observation skills, but also how to turn this into an everyday documentary-style output. Oh and by the way, he does warn that this activity should be done with a certain level of sensitivity to the subjects you are observing.

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Quantify Yourself

If curiosity and empathy can be a driver of creativity, there is no reason why they need be restricted to the observation of others. A range of technologies increasingly allow us to track, monitor and in doing so discover things about our own behaviours. Much of creativity is centred on making visible the invisible and for this reason spending time experimenting tools which allow us to do this may help us reflect on the potential for digital tools to be part of our creative toolbox.

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