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Story Template

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The story template is a method to help in the exploration or research phase of a project. It is especially useful during shorter processes such as a design sprint or a design jam. It can serve as a substitute for interviews if time/ context does not allow for it and it helps the workshop participants to create data connected to real experiences in their lives.



To create some research data related to specific topic.




    1. Explain the reason for using this method: it is a quick way to get concrete insights based on the knowledge and experience in the the room. It speeds up the process. It helps to produce less abstract data.
    2. Explain how to use the template:
    3. Group the participants into pairs (preferably people who do not know each other), where the participants will interview each other.
    4. Each person in turn interviews the other, filling in the template while doing so. (10-15 mins per interview)
    5. Once each person has been interviewed at least once share the stories with the rest of the group or in sub groups.
    6. During the sharing ask people to write down any leanings/ findings they hear while listening to the story and to stick them to it once they are on the wall.
    7. Optional: While the stories are being presented map them on a matrix relevant to the project. Example - Y axis: Level of Participation, X axis: Short Term / Long term

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