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‘Who, What, Where, When, Why and How’ is a method used to obtain a thorough understanding of a problem.



Allows to reflect on the problem and understand it better, it is then easier to aim for a solution.



1. Define the problem definition and the problem statement.

2. Ask yourself the WWWWWH questions, and write down the answers on post-its

– Who is involved?

– What occurred?

– When did it happen?

– Where did it happen?

– Why did it occur?

– How did it happen?

3. Review the answers to all the questions, identify where you might need extra information and adapt the answers as needed.

4. Collect insights into a document (can be photos, a video, a mindmap or a slideshow).


Your story isn’t complete if you can’t answer these questions. Some questions might spark other questions, answer them too!


Thorough understanding of the problem.


Use the answers as input to create a presentation of your story.


Source: MediaLAB Amsterdam

REFERENCE: based on Design Methods 1, R. Curedale

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