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Future workshop

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Future workshop is a method that aims to have stakeholders design their desired future, avoiding constraints imposed by experts or organizations.

To be used when ideas need to be developed outside of the design team.



This method allows discovering what an ideal future looks like, this can be very useful with children and teenagers.



1. Define the concept that will be the main objective of the workshop.

2. Recruit participants for the session and make sure everything has been arranged, (paper, pens, markers, meeting room, etc.)

3. Select a moderator to introduce the topic of the session and explain the objectives.

4. Ask participants to reflect on the present day situation and write down all their negative experiences.

5. Participants fantasize about the desired future situation. How would the ideal situation be for them? For this stage there are no limitations, everything is possible.

6. The ideas that were generated are tested for feasibility. It is important to note what barriers the ideas face and what could be done to overcome these barriers.

7. Develop an implementation plan.

8. Check if the implementation is coming along as planned.


This method requires a lot of preparation by the facilitators and moderator.


Ideas generated by users that show what their ideal solution would look like.


Follow the development of the implementation plan.


Source: Digital Society School


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