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Social Media Scavenger

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Participants find other participants’ LinkedIn profiles (or other social media) and search for specific information to relay during program icebreakers.



Learn about each other and raise awareness of online images and personal branding.



1. Give participants a list of information or items to find in other participants’ social media. Recommendation: Give specific profiles or websites as well as any restrictions (Example: LinkedIn allowed, Instagram barred).

The items could be common items often found on LinkedIn or the facilitator could sort through profiles in advance and create extremely specific items. Recommendation: Make items worth various points depending on how common or rare they are (rare items = more points).

2. Participants search on others’ profiles and submit their findings and points within a given time period.

3. During icebreaking activities, participants discuss the items they found and which profiles they came from. Profile owners can expand on their LinkedIn accomplishments. Recommendation: Allow results to be shown with profile screenshots and highlights.

Continuation options

a) In personal branding or similar programs, profile review can be linked to social media best practices and compared to industry leaders’ profiles.

b) Screenshots (if used) can be used in before-and-after profile improvement activities.


a) This activity can use small groups searching as a team for combined points.

b) This activity can go beyond LinkedIn profiles and use company/organization profiles/websites, LinkedIn discussion groups, and other relevant social media.  


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