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This brainstorming method uses our senses to generate ideas.



To generate innovative ideas that are out of the team’s comfort zone. Sometimes ideas tend to focus on visual, auditory and tactile solutions, thinking of all the senses can trigger innovative solutions.



1. Recruit a team of participants for the session.

2. Arrange a space and materials needed for the session.

3. Select a moderator. This person frames the design challenge.

4. Make teams and distribute post-it notes.

5. Each team generates ideas for each sense: vision, scent, feeling, hearing, and tasting; 20 minutes for each sense. Take 3 minutes break after each session.

6. Organize and cluster the post-its through discussion. Each team should have 5 concepts, 1 for each sense.

7. Collect the post-its and summarize them into a document/photos.


Teams have to come up with 6 to 10 ideas for each sense. Don’t worry if ideas are impractical.


A new wave of various ideas, focussed on different senses.


Extract the most interesting ideas and take them to the next level.


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