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Lotus blossom

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The lotus blossom method is a creativity exercise. It is a framework for idea generation, starting from one central theme. Eight conceptual themes grow out from the main theme and each of them are used as central theme to generate 8 more themes. Explore!



Generate a big number of ideas quickly. Using the first 8 ideas as basis can help to expand these ideas further.



1. Draw a square in the middle of your paper and write down the central theme in it.

2. Think of 8 related ideas and write them around the square using a new square for each.

3. Take each of the 8 previous themes and create 8 new themes around it. Write them in new squares.

4. Blossom as far as you think is relevant.


Be free in thinking, don’t restrict yourself to anything.


A map of different ways to explore an idea.


Filter the ideas to see which ones are useful.


Source: Digital Society School


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