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James Smart

Touch Blue


Touch Blue is a classic energiser that is quick and easy fun for remote teams too! Challenge participants to find objects on their desk that match the attributes you select and have fun doing so!

Moritz  Gekeler

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Tournament)


This is a fun and loud energiser based on the well-known “Rock, Paper, Scissor” game - with a twist: the losing players become the fan of the winners as the winner advances to the next round. This goes on until a final showdown with two large cheering crowds!

It can be played with adults of all levels as well as kids and it always works! 

Heike Roettgers

Touch Something Blue

Die Teilnehmer sollen auf Kommando Dinge berühren, die vorgegebene Anforderungen erfüllen, z. B. „Berühre etwas Blaues”, „Berühre etwas aus Holz”, „Berühre deine Zehen”. Die Komplexität kann schrittweise erhöht werden, z. B. „Berühre etwas, das dich zum Lachen bringt” oder „Berühre etwas, das dich inspiriert”.