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Melissa Abecassis

The Relationship Scan

This is a simple exercise to provide you and your partner (romantic or work) with an opportunity to interact in a contained place. The container:
  • Remove any distractions (no phones, tablets, laptops)
  • If you are parents (no kids allowed)
  • Choose a place where you will not be interrupted
  • Set a time - (non-negotiable) 30 min is a good amount of time and doable even for busy people and a place.
Ideally, you will find the same time and day every week.
If you can make it a ritual:
  • Go to your favourite coffee shop together
  • Have a morning meeting over a hot chocolate
  • Open a really good wine

This is a time for you and your partner to talk about how you both are doing, your relationship, any unfinished conversations or arguments or things that are unsaid, or any needs that are not being met.

Dasha van der Reijden

Oefening De Speech

Stap 1

Stap 2

Schrijf een speech ter ere van je 70ste verjaardag.

Wat wordt er over jou gezegd? Wat vind je belangrijk? Waar ben je trots op? Hoe kijk je terug? Het is geen CV samenvatting.