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Hot Surprise Pillow

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5 - 105 + Medium

An ice-breaker activity that is fun for everyone.



To get-to-know each other





    1. Make the pillow. Each layer should be easily peelable. Each layer should also either a) have a set of instructions that are related to the team (what do you expect in the future) or b) something funny (do the chicken dance) or c) the name of a team member who will ask the person holding the pillow a question that will reveal something about the pillow-bearer.

    2. Have the team make a large circle, similar to one in Hot Potato.

    3. Have the team pass the pillow along with the music of your choice.

    4. Stop the music randomly and have the person with the pillow rip off a layer.

    5. Continue to do so until all layers are ripped off.


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