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SCRUM: Agile Methods to empower teams

Many routines, methods, practices coming from the world of Agile can be applied in any project, bringing benefits to teams and customers. Note that it shall be done respecting agile value and mindset (collaboration, team spirit, self organisation, customer focus, responsibility,...). Here are few examples you could consider:

Run your activities in sprints of one month, and plan sprint ceremonies to review what has been done, spend some time to improve the way you work ( see practices related to team improvement), and plan your next activities depending on changes and new priorities.Use extensively Visual Management for the team to control what they do. Even if you don’t run sprints, propose regularly some retrospective, some time to reflect on how the team works and how to improve. Define priorities, the 'what’ and let the team self organize and decide the 'how’Let the team contributes to the estimation of the workload (see planning poker practice). Contact the Agile community for further help:
Erica Marx

Standard debrief Framework

1a. What did we set out to do?
1b. Did we achieve it?
1c. If not, why not?

2. What did we do well?

3. Opportunities for change? 

4. What are we learning?

5. Ideas based on this experience

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