Erica Marx

Zoom Cuckoo

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The goal is to have a certain number of people on screen at the same time. The whole group plays simultaneously on Zoom.


Have everyone be in gallery view on Zoom with cameras on. Everyone starts out of view of their camera.

Everyone plays at the same time. Each person decides on their own when they will come on screen. When you come on screen you say "Coo Coo!" and then you're allowed to stay in view for up to 10 seconds. The group's goal is to have no more than a certain number of people at the same time. 

Recommended: 20% of people on screen at the same time. For example, if you have a group of 20 people, tell the group that the goal is to have 4 people on screen at the same time).

This game is always silly with the fun of jumping into view and saying Coo Coo! The tendency will be for many of people to jump on at once, then everyone jumps out. Over time the group develops their give and take. 

Variations: The group may develop their own variations with bringing objects onto screen, coming in from different angles, etc. 


Taught to me by Bård Brænde, who thinks he learned it from me. 🤷‍♀️ Shared most recently with each other at the 2022 Applied Improvisation Network Conference. 

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