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Acting out alternative courses of action is more committing than talk, but is less committing than the real thing. Active Pre-plays (or rehearsals) are a natural development of action replays. They simply focus on future possibilities rather than on past events.  When a group should try out a new way of working together or a new process, the following can be used.

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  1. Pre-plays create quick and convenient opportunities for second attempts (compared to real second attempts). There may also be fewer distractions from key issues.
  2. Pre-plays create opportunities for experimenting with alternatives
  3. Individuals can swap roles with each other, leading towards criticism becoming more constructive.


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    1. For each new work or other process that is being suggested set aside a group to act out the process. One subgroup takes the roles (people, objects, places, etc.) and re-enact what the work or process would look like.

    2. The rest of the team members observe and make suggestions when the enactment is completed.

    3. Lead a discussion about the new way of working or process. Note where changes need to be made.

    4. Repeat for each of the processes being considered.


    Source: Roger Greenway; see article

    Derived from: An earlier version of this article appeared in Bulletin, Group Relations Training Association, (1983). This version was revised in 1996 as a handout for reviewing skills training. It includes references to material that now appears in 'Playback: A Guide to Reviewing Activities' (1993), published by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in association with Endeavour Scotland, and written by Roger Greenaway.

    References: This is part of the Active Reviewing suite of methods.

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    • Since this process uses physical action, it can allow people to see new insights that may not have been obvious.

      about 3 years ago